Luthier Michael Asetta is a master craftsman for repair and restoration of fine string instruments, specializing in the double bass. Honoring and respecting the history and tradition of artisans from the ages, Mike applies his passion for music and dedication to excellence to every musical instrument he renews.

Inspired by an introduction to the world renowned luthier Louis DiLeone, Mike initiated an apprenticeship with Mr. DiLeone in 1978. Mike’s friendship with Louis continues today, over 30 years later. His first string instrument repair workshop opened in 1995 in the famous Hartford Colt factory, later years he operated from his own restored barn in Cromwell, Connecticut. In 2008 he completed a new facility specifically designed to repair and showcase string instruments, located in Middle Haddam. The new showroom contains an extraordinary collection of world class historic master crafted instruments and new double basses for all levels of players (students to professionals) from Czech, German, and Chinese makers.

Michael has immersed himself in the study of the long history of Italian, Austrian, German, French, and Czech instrument makers. He regularly visits the workshops of the finest international craftsmen operating today such as Wilfer, Pollman, and Zakopcanik. Mike has also studied the instruments maintained in personal and museum collections worldwide such as the Gaspero da Salo and Maggini instruments in Innsbruck, Austria’s National Music Mueseum or the New England made instruments in the Selch collection, originally housed in New York City now located at Oberlin College as the Selch Collection of American Music History or those or the German Vogtland at The Markneukirchen Musical Instrument Museum.

An active double bass performer he seeks to maximize the unique sound quality developed by each instrument, tonal ranges and volume projection. Offering services from set-ups and adjustments to major repairs and restorations, Mike serves private owners, school systems, and museum archives. His personal appreciation of instruments assures care in protecting the value of and the historical importance of each double bass, cello, viola, or violin brought in for repair or restoration to his workshop. All work is performed solely by Mr. Asetta, utilizing hand-crafted, old-world techniques.

Inquiries invited, to discuss your instrument repair or restoration project, please contact Mike at 860-685-1621 or email