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Select European Instruments – Strunal = String Instruments of Luby (Czech)

An exclusive selection of European double basses hand-picked by Mike Asetta is available in the Asetta String showroom today, these include hybrid and fully carved instruments, exceptionally crafted Czech string instruments produced from rare, unusual, and spectacular woods.

The western Czech village of Luby on the German border, in the historic regions of western Bohemia and Germany’s Vogtland, is home to Europe’s largest string instrument enterprise. For nearly 400 years the entire community has focused on instrument and accessory craftsmanship, initially influenced by Italian makers, and then German, one of Europe’s oldest violin-making schools was established here. Numerous makers became centralized after WWII; the cooperative became named Strunal for “Stringed Instruments from Luby”.

Production and quality control is monitored by highly skilled masters. Alpine woods are collected, preserved, and aged for many years. New processes and instrument styles are continually and creatively explored. Responding to global competition, building upon the skills of traditionally trained artisans, Strunal’s designers were at forefront of the stringed instrument construction evolution. Selectively utilizing modern manufacturing techniques to eliminate some of the more time consuming/labor intensive operations – the removal of wood to shape the peg box, top and back – Strunal still employs “hands on” finishing refinement by traditionally trained violin makers. This mastery results in fine instruments, competitively priced in relation to European stringed instruments. The Strunal co-op/factory has experienced ownership changes amid the highly challenging competitive internal stringed instrument marketplace; these instruments are no longer available new from American retailers and given the current import challenges these instruments are sold on a “first come first served” basis.  The instruments in Mike Asetta’s workshop are new and imported by Mike direct from the showroom of Strunal.  These incredible instruments were a tremendous value measured as price for quality, most are now sold.  Thank you for your interest, call Mike to review the possible remaining instruments.

Select in stock instruments:

Dazzlingly, eye-catching – special quilted maple bass with highly figured maple back and sides, round back, carved solid Spruce top with inlaid purflings, Ebony fingerboard – just an outstanding bass   $4,995 – SOLD September 2018

Blond/clear finished with highlighted grains, startlingly impressive appearance, with a carved solid Spruce top with inlaid purflings, laminated Maple back and sides, Ebony fingerboard, exclusively available in the United State through Mike Asetta, Asetta Strings, availability extremely limited, RARE!    $6,995 – SOLD

Remarkable appearing instrument with Tineo or Aningre woods infused through back and sides, round back, carved solid Spruce top with inlaid purflings, Ebony fingerboard, and uncommonly rare $7,495 – SOLD in 2020

Hand-made by master luthier, selected woods, Spruce top, flamed maple neck, back, and sides, finest Ebony fingerboard, nut, and tailpiece, flat back, Rubner Ebony antiqued machine heads, a powerful bass, NEW design by Strunal’s leading luthier today, available exclusively through Mike Asetta   $8,995 – SOLD

Fully carved, willow and ash woods, dark chestnut brown, carved solid Spruce top, Ebony fingerboard $8,595

Handmade fully carved, select solid Spruce top, Maple neck, back, and sides, Ebony trimmed, Rubner machines, chestnut brown, extraordinary instrument   $7,495 – SOLD

Inquiries invited, please contact Mike at 860-685-1621 or email

Inquiries invited

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