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Zakopcanik – Master Craftsman

Mike Asetta is honored to have known and counted as a friend one of the finest double bass makers in the world: the late Frantisek Zakopcanik. Mr. Zakopcanik had extensive recognition in Europe; entering numerous international instrument contests in Italy, competing against makers with the training provided at the finest European schools.  His prizes include a gold medal for tone quality.

Frantisek (born in 1941 in today’s Slovakia) studied violin making in Luby, Czech and apprenticed under master violin-makers then in Luby. He later worked as a supervising master in the string instrument factory in Luby (today’s Strunal) and continued to produce double basses, cellos, and violins in his personal workshop for independent sales.  Sadly Frantisek passed away early in 2016, but his legacy as a superb craftsman continues through the instruments he produced.  His resounding voice echoes in worldwide concert halls, these instruments are powerful.

Today Mike Asetta is the exclusive importer of these instruments to North America.   More than five Zakopcanik basses are currently from Mike, you are encouraged to visit and see these yourself!  Available are in a range of ages and prices, all incredible sounding and strikingly appearing,  inquiries are invited to schedule a private viewing, please contact Mike at 860-685-1621 or email

Inquiries invited

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