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European crafted double bass by Josef Budil

Great sounding masterfully crafted viol shaped double bass (1997), by Czech maker Josef Budil. Schooled in Luby, Czech, then apprenticed to the violin makers in this region of Czech Republic and Germany where the main industry in this area for centuries is string instrument making. Budil is dedicated to the double bass as both a player and a maker. His basses are modeled after the finest construction styles of the Italian, Austrian, and German makers.

This instrument has been SOLD to The Old Lyme Inn, Old Lyme, Connecticut to be shared with the touring jazz bassists performing at the Side Door Jazz Club when touring returns post-pandemic!

We are honored this instrument will be shared with so many musicians and the jazz connoisseurs attending concerts at this tremendous venue.

Please visit the Side Door Club and see this bass in action!


The dimensions are:
• string length: 41.675″
• body: 43.75″
• neck: 30″
• top bout: 20.25″
• middle bout: 14″
• bottom bout: 24.875″
• depth: 9.25″





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