Exploring the workshops of numerous luthiers along world famous music street, Rue de Rome Paris, Mike Asetta was favorably impressed with the incredibly high quality of repairs performed by Jean Bejuy. Jean’s approachable style also made the stop at his workshop the most enjoyable and educational destination of the numerous luthiers and music shops in Paris. His instruments were set up for excellent play-ability and were priced attractively. European contrabasse players are strongly encouraged to visit Jean Bejuy!

Bejuy’s skill grafting a new neck to the original scroll was remarkable and further inspired Mike throughout a masterful repair to the bass owned by the famous jazz player – Nat Reeves completed in December of this year after returning from the Paris adventure.

Visiting numerous shops and meeting luthiers was a thrill, another discovery included an incredible small-sized bass attributed to Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume inscribed with Saint Cecile on the back. Vuillaume was born in Mirecourt, where his father and grandfather were luthiers, he moved to Paris working in several shops there. By the mid-1800s his name was recognized as a leading instrument maker in Europe.

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Incredible antique bass by Vuillaume

Fabulous luthier and shop