Master bass “Grancino” 2001 by Czech maker Jaroslav Lavicka – simply a “must see” gorgeous bass with both vertical and horizontal striping in the spectacular maple back.

Schooled in Luby, Czech, then apprenticed to the violin makers in this region, Jaroslav, who also plays the violin, specializes in the making of the Grancino model. Prior to completing this instrument offered by Mike Asetta, Lavicka had 38 years of experience developing his own solo instrument model. The sound produced from this instrument is unmatched.

Skilled master craftsmanship combined with the most beautiful incredible wood, this superb bass is one for the ages, and is offered at $15,995.
Lavicka bass - rear view

Lavicka bass

The dimensions in inches are:
• string length: 41.675
• body: 43.75
• neck: 30
• top bout: 20.25
• middle bout: 14
• bottom bout: 24.875
• depth: 9.25