Extraordinary 1/2 size double bass attributed to the Testore family makers of Milan, Italy. An heirloom instrument, the age was ascribed to the first half of the 18th century. Coloration is identified with the makers: brown varnish over a yellow base. Originally a three string bass – three tuning gears are matching with the fourth distinctly different.

The long-time owner who deeply values and enjoys her passion of performing, plans to harmoniously rejoin her life with this treasured instrument, after initially considering a sale.  Mike Asetta has maintained this instrument for the loving owner for nearly a decade.  To honor this instrument, Mike is building a new bass – an exact copy!  As of the summer of 2019, work is progressing well.  Views of the sharp violin corners and linings are below, plus the purfling installation too.  The linings and back of the new instrument are constructed of aged, highly figured New England maple! Inquires and commissions welcome!

String length 94 cm 37 inches
Overall length 160 cm 63 inches
Length of back 96 cm 38 inches
Middle bout 31 cm 12 1/4 inches
Top bout 43 cm 17 inches
Bottom bout 56 cm 22 inches

Installing purfling in bass copy

corner internal view ribs clamped

Internal view of corner blocks with ribs clamped

testore corner

View of ribs and corner from external to instrument point of view