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French double bass – historic Barbé

Incredible sounding, pristine French double bass crafted in the first half of the nineteenth century. Attributed to Jacques Barbé of Avalon, France, the maker was educated by the Mirecourt instrument makers. This instrument is a viol model, following traditional principles. The flat back has a gradual taper in the upper bouts, it has no bend as is seen in most flat back basses, this is a distinctive design feature of this maker. The bass has a golden amber finish and inlaid purfling front and back. This instrument has a fine grained spruce top, back and sides are maple (mostly without figure), fine tuning machines (with 27 tooth gears), a solid bridge, and all fittings are ebony. Bass has a “D” neck and currently Pirastro Original strings.

The health of this instrument is astounding for its age, with minimal cracks, no splits, little repair evidently ever required, neck appears original. This is an exceptional, historically significant instrument, of museum quality, perfect for the aspiring professional orchestra member.

This extraordinary instrument has been returned to the owner’s care and personal collection. Inquiries to Michael Asetta from professional orchestral musicians or from elite students will be forwarded directly to the owner. This treasured instrument is here in New England, avoiding the challenges of importing to the United States! Inquiries invited, please contact Mike at 860-685-1621 or email

frenchbassalsoblondbass 009

frenchbassalsoblondbass scroll

Inquiries invited

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