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Seeking the perfect bow? You are encouraged to visit and experience firsthand the wide selection available in the Connecticut showroom of Mike Asetta. You may choose from over 50 expertly made bows for double basses imported directly from South America and Europe. Offering both German and French models, with prices ranging from $500 to $2,500, the value depends on the type of fitting (silver or nickel), quality and type of wood, inlays to and type of material in the frog. Cello and violin bows too!

A bow is a delicate and graceful element, one of the natural ingredients you combine to influence the quality of your performance with a string instrument; while a carbon fiber bow is nearly indestructible, musicians having been making music with wooden bows for centuries. This string instrument shop specializes in fine wood bows! If you are looking for the tone and warmth that a great wooden bow can add to your performance, call for an appointment to sample the bows available here.

Recently Mike visited the workshop of a German bowmaker (bogenbau) in operation for over 300 years, now with the seventh generation working daily. Making bows from select aged wood stock, meeting these craftsmen was a true honor!

Inquiries invited

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